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Saturday, July 12, 2003
Franklin Mint attempts to destroy charities. Screw you, Franklin Mint! And your attempts to spin for damage control are nauseating. If "the lawsuit is definitely not a matter of money," and you plan to turn over any settlement to charity, then why the hell don't you put your money where your mouth is and finance all of the charities that will be harmed in the meantime? If I had ever bought any of your crappy souvenir plates, I would borrow my brother's shotgun and use them to shoot skeet. But since I have never bought any, I'll just do my part to generate the bad will that you deserve by telling the few people who read this blog about it.

Thursday, July 10, 2003
Ha ha, first same-gender wedding at the White House Be sure to read the whole thing--hilarious as always.

Well, the San Francisco Chronicle answered most of my questions from yesterday about what set off the Savage Weiner. Way to go, prankster. Reading about it got me to thinking that maybe someone should try using a celebrity soundboard to call one of these hosts. They would need to talk to the screener first, but then maybe they could have some fun. Probably wouldn't work, but I love the thought of it.

Wednesday, July 09, 2003
This is interesting. Most have heard by now that Michael the Savage Weiner was fired by MSNBC. What's interesting to me, though, is that almost all of the media coverage has omitted just what the caller who baited him into his tirade said to set him off. The exceptions are the New York Times and Gay Financial Network. For those who don't wish to click, apparently the caller told Savage Weiner that he should go to the dentist because his teeth are really bad. GLAAD's transcript confirms this although part of the exchange was blanked out on the air. I think the caller probably said "take your ass to a dentist" in the silent part. In Savage Weiner's apology, from his website via conservative news sources, he claims that the caller was from a competitive talk show. Some news stories about his apology phrase it as him saying he "thought" the caller was from a competitive show, but his statement itself was definite about it. So, I am wondering who this caller was and with what show he is associated. I also wonder why the majority of the media did not mention the remark about his teeth. I believe that the things he said in his tirade are indefensible anyway, but maybe they didn't want to muddy the waters by giving his side, as it were.

It's yet another example of how we have to search through many sources to get the full story on many things. In fact just today, the Providence Journal ran a story about the governor vetoing the budget, blah blah blah, but did not bother to mention in the story that a Democratic state senator, who happens also to be the former chair of the Senate Finance Committee, was on the stage with the governor when he gave his veto message and spoke against the budget. The Associated Press coverage of the veto did mention this, which is the only way I know it happened. While it may sound trivial, it's actually rather important politically given that this senator was ousted from his chairmanship under rather unpleasant circumstances last year and is probably sucking up to the gov as revenge. So why doesn't the ProJo bother to report it? (*Cough* Republican editorial bias and barely competent reporters *cough*.) BTW, no links on these stories because the ProJo requires registration, and the AP link would only be good for a day or two.

Tuesday, July 08, 2003
Guardian columnist notes that apparently, there are more LGBT people in England than there are people who regularly attend Church of England services. Her conclusion, "The issue is that you cannot, in a democratic society, wage a sustained campaign of exclusion against a group that is bigger than you are. Not necessarily because it is immoral, but because it is just plain daft. "

Are the dollmakers trying to tell us that the Hulk is gay? After all, the doll has something in common with Billy the Gay Doll and his friends. Hmm.

Monday, July 07, 2003
An American version of the Guardian to debut? Thank you, God! Please make it soon, and please let it be successful.

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Oh yeah, and one other thing that visitors might find of interest, from my archives: The Fred Phelps cult got suckered by an April Fools story and quoted it as fact. Heh.