Dub Not Dubya

Saturday, July 02, 2005
It's so simple. Why can't our society get it? At least some countries do. Read Zapatero's speech about Spain legalizing same-sex marriage. Maybe someday we too will have politicians who make sense.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005
The Boston Police let the Phelps klan know what they think of them:

 Holding signs reading, ``Thank God for dead soldiers,'' ``God blew up the troops,'' and ``Fag body bags,'' the demonstrators chanted derisive anti-gay slogans and sang a derogatory version of ``God Bless America'' that opened with: ``God hates America, land of our fags.''

They were surrounded by dozens of uniformed and plainclothes cops and blocked from the public by the Boston Police Department Mounted Unit, which strategically pointed the backs of their horses toward the group.

Monday, June 27, 2005
Eight year old suspended from school for reciting his own creative version of the pledge. Luckily his very cool mother stood up for him (read the comments section to see how it all turned out. And if you are impressed, stop by their CafePress store and buy merchandise with his pledge on it. Thanks to Rainbow Goddess for the link.

Read down to the second part of this Livejournal entry for one of the Best. Responses. To. A. Homophobe. Ever.