Dub Not Dubya

Thursday, January 27, 2005
Great find here from A Cry for Help, Rhode Island's Premier Blog. Damn, I would actually watch the local news if we had that guy doing the weather. Maybe one of our local stations can pick him up now that he's looking for work. But he might not be as much fun sober. But who knows....

Wednesday, January 26, 2005
Like a stopped clock, even the Providence Journal does something right every once in a while. For once, they printed a good letter. Since their website requires registration (unless you use something like BugMeNot), I've taken the liberty of pasting it in below in case you don't want to go to their site:

Bush is reckless, this I know

01:00 AM EST on Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Bush is reckless, this I know,

For his antics tell me so.

Little ones will pay the price

Years and years after he dies.


Yes, Bush is devious.

Yes, he's self-centered.

Yes, Bush is reckless.

His antics tell me so.

He will not admit mistakes

In the judgments that he makes.

He will start the next world war

While the "Christians" yell for more.


Bigger tax cuts for the rich,

"Cuts for all" is still his pitch.

Halliburton gets more, too,

Off the backs of me and you.


Trees and rivers disappear,

Old-growth forests get cut clear,

Drill for oil everywhere,

Spoil the planet, he don't care.



North Providence