Dub Not Dubya

Friday, December 10, 2004

As always, thanks to BartCop, who helps me maintain my sanity as the world goes insane.

Some of these posters from Buy Nothing Christmas are awesome. Me, I'm still trying to work up the nerve to tell my relatives to buy me nothing this year. The out-laws have been fine with it, but my blood family's last name might as well be BuyMeStuff. It just totally wrecks my nerves and offends my sensibilities. I can't take it anymore. I really can't. So wish me luck breaking it to them.

The irony is that I actually bought something for my sister months ago. But I think the solution to that is that I didn't get her anything for her birthday, so it can be a several months late birthday present instead. Given that I actually bought it before her birthday, that works.

American Family Association sends unsolicited gay porn to 65,000 homes. That's right, AFA, keep on doing what you're doing--you're just helping us. What's also interesting, if you click the link to the original story in the summary that I linked to, is that the woman who complained to her council member is named Karen Carpenter, and one of the council members is named Madonna Flood. It's almost as if this story were made up, but it's not.