Dub Not Dubya

Thursday, October 21, 2004
This is truly evil, and in a very creative way. Really, those bastards come up with new ways to cheat all the time. What's interesting about this is that the article, and so presumably the way people are thinking about what has happened, focuses on one thing (switch party registrations), whereas the real kicker is buried deep within the piece:

She has concerns that some students, when they signed the form for marijuana use, may have inadvertently changed their voting venue by giving an address that differed from what appeared on their original voter-registration form.

So, the change of party causes a bit of an uproar for a couple of days and then is probably forgotten. Meanwhile, the students faithfully send in their absentee ballots to their precincts back home--only to not have them counted because they are registered at school without realizing it. Slick. Or as a message board poster says, "Sick. Demented. Typical."