Dub Not Dubya

Monday, May 10, 2004
I was out of town and didn't get around to reading Mark Morford's newsletters in March. Then they stopped coming to my email. I figured he was on vacation until I later received an email from one of his editors or something, along with a truncated version of his column (with link to the full thing) but not his delicious Media Skew. WTF? So I went a-searchin' tonight and finally found an explanation. (Thanks to a comment at Pen-Elayne for the info.)

On edit: More info here, and thank the Universe for unions.

Sheesh! WTF is this country coming to when voluntary email subscribers must be protected from the f word? And as the writer of the explanatory piece notes, it's sort of ridiculous to use that as an excuse given the regular subject matter of his column. I hope they bring the Skew back soon, and I wish there were something I could do to help make it happen. But it appears there's not a damn thing I can do about it, according to Morford himself (scroll way down the page in the original):

The newsletter and I, we have been through a bit of legal and corporate hell lo these past six weeks, as our futures with this company were suddenly under duress, picked apart, threatened, reviewed and revised and reconsidered. It was ugly. Blindsided me completely. Access to my sfgate.com email was disabled in early March and not reactivated until last Friday. I had no way to read or reply to anyone who wrote in to this address. Such is the way. Let that be a lesson to me. Or something.

The short of it: The case against me did not hold. The fire and brimstone died down, explanations were delivered, punishments were doled. I am still with sfgate.com. My Notes & Errata column still lives and should return this week, intact. The future of the Morning Fix remains to be seen. Life, it be surreal and spasmodic.

(Note: My case, apparently, reached far up the corporate heirarchy. So please, no angry emails to sfgate.com editors/management -- they had little to do with it).[emphasis mine]