Dub Not Dubya

Saturday, October 18, 2003
If any strangers happen upon this blog due to my posting a comment elsewhere, welcome, and please click here to make a free donation (paid for by advertisers) to the Humane Society. Also, you can find links to many more free donations sites here. Sorry I don't have much interesting or entertaining stuff to offer, but feel free to look around.

Oh yeah, while you're at it, please go vote in this poll against amending the constitution to ban people like me from getting married. It's an arch-conservative site, and so my hope is that any votes against their position will piss them off.

Along the same lines, I know that we are all shocked, just shocked to discover that groups sponsoring "Marriage Protection Week" have little interest in building strong and healthy heterosexual marriages. They're not interested in divorce, domestic violence, you know, unimportant things like that, only the "threat" of us nasty queers being able to visit our partners in the hospital. I guess that is why one of their spokespersons said she "laughed out loud" when she heard about Queer Eye for the Straight Couple, a forum created by Lambda Legal wherein longterm same-gender couples give relationship advice to straight couples. Of course she would laugh at anyone actually trying to help straight people with their marriages by doing anything other than oppressing gay people!

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Thanks to Bartcop, as ever.

Monday, October 13, 2003
Is this the best the "ex-gays" have to offer? In a Miami Herald article about Wayne Besen's new book exposing the fraud that is the "ex-gay" industry, Exodus International's Randy Thomas says (at the very end of the article):

"It is possible to live without an orgasm. You won't find a death certificate anywhere that says, 'Died of lack of orgasm.'"

Well, that's good to know!