Dub Not Dubya

Thursday, May 29, 2003
Columnist in mainstream press discusses "rumors" that US Rep. Mark Foley is gay and in the process gives yet more confirmation that he is and that many people know it. It's interesting to watch this play out. The dynamics around gay politicians have changed so much in really just a few years. Clearly he will end up taking a fall,and despite his public insistence that the Democrats are behind it, it is so obvious that it is the right wing of his own party. What are the likely outcomes? I was going to say that probably he will end up losing in the primary, but on second thought, I think he will probably decide not to run for Senate after all and will just slink away, continuing publicly to blame the Democrats. I don't think he could even just decide to stay in the House at this point--too many bigots in Florida don't want a known gay congressman. He's done. If he had any integrity, he should just come out and serve out the rest of his term and call the right wing of his party on what they have done. But I don't think that will ever happen. Would be nice if he proved me wrong.

Tuesday, May 27, 2003
Listowner's lament. So, had to deal with a fairly innocuous situation on the main email list that I run, a very specifically-focused news/announcements list with strict posting rules. Someone forwarded me an action alert about an important but completely unrelated issue and asked if I would post it on the list. I had to say no since it was not germane. I explained why and gave some other possibilities for getting the word out about the issue. So now I find myself opening my email with trepidation, worrying that this person is going to reply with a lot of anger since I wouldn't allow the post.

Why do I have such fear? I have had to deal with such requests a number of times over the years, and only very rarely has someone gotten angry at my response. I thought about it some and realized it taps into my fear of out of control people. When dealing with someone so out of control (usually drunk but sometimes out of control for some other reason), it doesn't matter if you're right--they don't listen to reason. And I've had to deal with that situation so many times in my life and rarely dealt with it well. It pushes old childhood buttons. In this case, I guess I figured that since I perceived the person as being very passionate about an important issue (I don't know this person and so cannot say for certain), they would be furious if I did not help them and would take their wrath out on me. It also keys into an exchange from last week of a different sort but with the same emotional punch for me. In that case I avoided reading my email all day out of fear, but the response I ended up getting was quite friendly and positive. Someday maybe I'll learn how not to live in fear.

Monday, May 26, 2003
I am so loving today's issue of Bartcop that I can't even wait until I finish reading it to blog a couple of the things he linked. First, a Swedish politician tells the ugly truth about the Shrub, and then Neil Young does the same. Even if we must go overseas or north to find hope, at least it does exist.